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Learning has ChangedMilitaryHead Mounted Game Console

Learning has Changed

This Virtual Reality can change the way schools teach in lessons.

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This can have loads of beneficial factors to it. Just think we can control drones from on land but with the Glasses on as if we are actually inside.

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Head Mounted Game Console

You can now put your phone in them and play games with these glasses on. I bet call of duty is amazing!

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Virtual reality or virtual realities (VR), referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, could be a computer systems that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment permitting user interaction. Virtual realities artificially create sensory experience, that could include sight,touch and hearing, and smell. Most updated virtual realities […]


They’ll be doing it through virtual reality, even though students in classrooms across the United parts and States of Europe will soon be able to go on field trips to Buckingham Palace, Machu Picchu and the Great Barrier Reef. Google recently announced that it must be expanding its Expeditions Pioneer Program, that can bring virtual […]


Virtual reality gaming is the place where an individual can experience finding yourself in a 3-dimensional environment and communicate with that environment throughout a game. It is really an essential area of the game. Bio-sensing ne method of detecting a person’s presence inside a game is bio-sensing. They are small sensors which are affixed to […]


Virtual Reality for driving can be a new thing. It can reduce the risks of F1 drivers dieing or even create another version. Where we can make the cars go faster as there will be no risk of anyone dieing. It can be extraordinary. Just think you could end up doing your driving tests through […]